My Ink

After publishing my first post yesterday, I realized that I had told you about the tattoos that I got last year – my first two – but I didn’t think to show you pictures.

Shame on me!

This is the first one, that I got last June, on my left forearm. As I mentioned in my last post, I am an avid reader so this one was really a no-brainer for me. I mean, obviously, my first tattoo had to revolve around books!

The top sign – 3 pines – is the fictional Eastern Townships village where many of Louise Penny’s books take place. She is a marvelous Canadian mystery writer from right here in my home province. It’s worth starting her Armand Gamache series from the beginning.

The middle sign – the shire – is an homage to The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series. They are masterpieces of imagination, courage and heart.

The bottom sign – castle rock – is the fictional town that plays a role in several of Stephen King’s novels. It was Stephen King who started me on my livelong journey of reading with his novel The Talisman (written with Peter Straub) so I had to honour him.

My second tattoo, which I got last November, is a maple leaf on my right wrist. I am a proud Canadian, living in Montreal, and wanted to express that. I’ll write more about where I live in a later post. The thing that makes it even more special is the fact that my daughter came with me and got a matching one. When your daughter wants to get a matching tattoo with you, you know that you must have done something right!

I’ve been calling my first one my midlife crisis tattoo. I had thought about getting one for a long time but always shied away from actually doing it. I decided that it was finally time to stop worrying and just do it! Life is too short to regret not doing things.

Some people were pretty shocked that I did it. They never figured me for the “type” but I honestly don’t believe that there is a “type” anymore. Tattoos have become so mainstream that people from all walks of life seem to have them now; including middle-aged-almost-empty-nesters.

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